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Retail Playbook – Thank You2019-07-08T19:57:41+00:00

Download the Retail Playbook

Learn about the 5 steps retailers can take to turn big data into better decisions

Why do retailers love to hate data?

The benefits of using data and analytics to drive strategic business decisions are well documented. However, companies, especially retailers, often jump on the “Big Data” bandwagon without fully evaluating their overall strategy, such as determining what data they plan to collect, how they will evaluate it, and how they will act on the results.

Not surprisingly, retailers love to hate data because they are either drowning in data, ignoring external influences to their business, using decades old algorithms or analytics tools, or have executives who are skeptical with the reliability or quality of internal insights.

This illustrated playbook describes the 5 steps that retailers can take to turn big data into better decisions – from focusing on decisions to implementing the right technology solutions.

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Excerpts from this playbook