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Prevedere is an industry insights and analytics company

helping business leaders make better decisions by providing a real-time view of their company’s future.


Consumer Goods

Discover the hidden drivers of consumer demand


Learn what impacts shopping behavior before they shop


Understand the external factors that affect an auto purchase decision


Validate expansion plans with market-specific economic insight

Travel and Hospitality

Integrate external insights to forecast traveler spending habits

Industry Insights

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Learn how RaceTrac dramatically improves forecasts on guest count, margins, and labor expenses using Prevedere’s Business Performance Forecasting solutions.

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What can Prevedere solve for you?

How do I reduce financial forecast error?

Identify External Drivers

Which markets should we enter or exit, and when?

Analyze regional economies

Am I spending my marketing budget effectively?

optimize campaign spend

Can I better predict inventory excess and shortfalls?

Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

How can my analytics team deliver faster insights?

Accelerate Data to insights

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