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Gain a real-time view of future shopper demand

What affects shopper behavior before they shop?

Nearly every retailer has the ability to report on internal performance such as sales, pricing, or store performance. What about the factors outside of the traditional four walls?

Prevedere helps retailers by monitoring external leading indicators that signal future changes in demand.

Consumer sentiment, average hourly earnings,  and even POS data from sources like Nielsen can consistently predict shopper behavior. Brick-and-mortar and online retail can use these real-time insights to understand the actions people will take in their stores. Retailers can confidently plan their year with forward looking insights rather than relying history to repeat itself.

By incorporating external factors into the planning process, retailers can see upwards of 20% improvement in order fill rate by accurately predicting when shoppers will most likely buy.

A plan developed with a holistic view of future demand also enables the retail industry to realize a nearly 15% reduction in excess inventory, allowing the right products to be carried at the time of peak demand.

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Prevedere empowers retail

Validate existing plans and strategies

By understanding future retail product demand 12, 18, even 24 months in the future, Prevedere’s Retail Solution can provide a benchmark to existing retail plans. With enough lead time and visibility to upcoming headwinds, retailers can work with agencies, manufacturers, finance, and distribution partners to turn a potential down season into a profitable one.

Get a holistic view of shopper behavior

Advertising, pricing, promotions, BOGOs, and coupons, can certainly influence shopper behavior. What happens when these tried-and-true tactics seem to be ineffective. Prevedere help’s retailers integrate external factors such as wages, sentiment, or income with performance analytics to gain a 360° view of the shopper and the retail industry in general.

Maximize ROI on marketing spend

Many retailers have to commit to advertising spend, gift with purchases campaigns, or media contracts over a year in advance. Prevedere’s Retail Solution can show when demand is weakest up to 24 months in the future. Armed with this insight, retailers can allocate marketing budget to the months and regions that need it most.

A national convenience store chain added nearly
to the bottom line by using highly accurate models to predict guest count by store.

Prevedere projected guest counts within 100 guests out of 40k monthly average

Category managers reduced stock-out situations and reduced safety stock costs

Metro level factors provided micro-economic outlook

Key insights for retailers