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Data-driven forecasts with global insights

Supercharge your forecast accuracy with a predictive analytics solution that harnesses the power of real-time economic data and business inelligence tools.

Make forecast error obsolete

Most finance executives admit that their inability to predict changes in their external business environment is the primary cause of forecast error. When analyzing only internal data, forecasts are off by at least 11%. Prevedere’s cloud-based solution analyzes internal data with our deep store of real-time global economic data. We discover the most predictive external leading indicators directly linked to your company’s most critical KPI’s. The result is improved business intelligence for unprecedented forecast accuracy in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about the power of external data

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Analyze millions of data sets at the speed of the cloud

Traditionally, integrating external data into your forecasts meant days of searching, scrubbing, reformatting, and debugging data, all before any painstaking analysis and calculations could even begin. Prevedere has leveraged the power of the cloud and distributed computing accelerate this process by 100x. We have automated the data aggregation, validation, and categorization of over 2 million global economic data sets that are ready to be analyzed in the context of your new business intelligence tools. Start building extremely accurate predictive models in minutes instead of days.

Use predictive intelligence to become a proactive enterprise

Imagine the company-wide impact of smarter forecasting

Prevedere revolutionizes the way a company forecasts, plans, and grows even in an uncertain global economy. The speed and effectiveness of Prevedere’s cloud-based solution can drive immediate value to various functional teams and levels of your organization.

C-level executives gain valuable insights from Prevedere’s Executive Dashboard Reports (download sample PDF) which clearly summarize key factors impacting their business so they can proactively plan. Executives can make more informed decisions and have more confidence in earnings calls when they are armed with the following insights:

  • Relevant external forces that will impact business over the course of 3, 6, 9 months
  • Likelihood to hit or miss targets if nothing is done to course-correct based on external forces
  • Insights on why particular trends developed and predictions for future trends to aid adaptation to external forces
Finance leaders are tasked with maintaining profits, reducing costs, and planning for the unexpected; which is why they spend most of their time in with our Economic Risk Report. This unique tool provides the flexibility to visualize how potential future changes in economic factors would affect the monthly budget goals. For example:

  • Consumer confidence (a 4 month leading indicator) and Housing Starts (a 6 month leading indicator) are trending down, which will cause sales November and December to be down 2.5% compared to budget.
  • Price of oil (a 3 month leading indicator) is down, which means April is forecast to be above budget by 1.1%.
Prevedere was made for the power data user. Analysts and data scientists will spend most of their time in the Data Model Workbench, where they can access over 2 million external data sets, manipulate and visualize the data in real-time, and utilize powerful statistical analytical tools.

  • Toggle between 3 period year over year calculation and period over period
  • Instantly visualize different options in lead time and R-squared values
  • Easily export to CSV for integration with existing forecasting and analytics platforms
The Sales and Marketing organizations succeed or fail by their sales targets. Having the ability to predict the performance of specific product by region would greatly enable goal setting and budgeting. Prevedere has developed Predictive Heat Maps that visually forecasts the future performance by region. At a glance, anyone on the sales team can determine which areas need the most attention, where there will be a product shortage, or what markets to enter or exit. With Predictive Heat Maps, you can:

  • Group forecasts by product, region, distributor, category, or any way you choose.
  • Get a high level forecast of your territory
  • Drill down into the specific performance of a product or city

Learn how our business intelligence tools and solutions work

Prevedere’s award-winning forecasting business intelligence tools and solutions use advanced statistics, correlations, pattern matching, and proprietary algorithms developed by our top data scientists, software engineers, and economists. It all comes together in three key software components that make it possible for you to accurately predict the future of your business:

Global Data Store

Aggregates and validates millions of global data series such as average rain fall, commodity prices, even consumer sentiment and social media data.
  • Daily updates of millions of global data series such as online search trends, stock prices, commodity indices, etc.
  • Data gathered from over 200 sources such as NOAA, USCB, BEA, EuroStat, Google Trends
  • Real-time processes to validate, clean, and normalize data

Economic Intelligence Engine

Using the latest in machine learning and cloud computing, our software performs over 10 billion calculations per second to discover hidden leading indicators of your business.
  • Identifies leading indicators thru statistical analysis and pattern matching
  • Intelligently accounts for software, marketing campaigns, pricing changes or consumer behavior
  • Reveals the “butterfly effect” the world’s economy has on your company’s performance

Real-Time Visualization & Alerts

Easy to use, real-time visualization of forecasts. Run what-if scenarios and prepare analysis in minutes. Get alerts for internal and external data that affects your business performance.
  • Manipulate data in real time
  • Multiple forecast methods
  • Develop what-if scenarios and models in minutes
  • Custom alerts wizard for external and internal data changes
  • Point and click interface to visually determine the right leading indicators

Get a closer look at some key features

Business Inelligence

Global Data Search Engine

Search our database of over 2 million global data sets as easy as a Google search. Refine your search by data, source, or frequency. Download the raw data to use within your application any way you wish. Prevedere’s advanced data becomes your business intelligence to help your team make better decisions.

Eu business intelligence

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Create models using ROCET, multivariate, or segemented multivariate regression analysis. Select period-over-period, year-over-year, 3-period moving, or 3-period year-over-year to account for seasonality and random data. Screenshot button allows for easy import to any document or presentation.

Excel Business Intelligence

Excel Plugin for Prevedere

If your company lives on spreadsheets, we have you covered. Our Excel plugin securely connects to your Prevedere account to quickly access every forecast model, graphs, and raw data. Direct import into your existing spreadsheets reduces time and effort. Prevedere offers industry leading business intelligence tools.

Business Intelligence tools for Europe

Executive Dashboards

Business leaders can stay on top of their current and future business performance with our Executive Dashboards. Easily see which economic factors will impact sales, revenue, or profit. A visual forecast will help make critical decisions for the coming months.

Business Intelligence tools for the USA

Predictive Heat Maps

Prevedere’s forecasts can be directly linked with future sales performance by region, state, or city. Predictive Heat Maps can show which areas are forecast to hit or miss target. Use these maps as business intelligence for your teams to determine when to enter or exit a market.

Business Intelligence tools for the UK

What-If Simulator

Discover leading indicators that drive the future of your business, and test your options before making decisions. Should you spend more on marketing? What if there is a drought? What if gas prices decrease? Test scenarios and make better decisions with more confidence.

Business Intelligence tools for Aisia

Economic Impact Alerts

The global economy is constantly changing. Do you need to know when the Nikkei Index falls below 2%? Prevedere offers you the ability to setup real-time alerts to notify your team of volatility in any specific data series you need to build your business.

Business Intelligence Behaviour

Economic Risk Report

With Prevedere’s Economic Risk Report, you can predict how external factors (such as consumer price index, stock prices, or housing permits) will allow you to miss, hit, or exceed your budget goals. With our economic insight, we can quantify the variance between budget and forecast.

Data Model Workbench

The Data Model Workbench is the heart of Prevedere’s software. In real-time, you can correlate and visualize multiple data sets. Find the highest r-squared values or toggle between various calculation methods to truly understand what drives your business.

Leverage your existing investment in ERP and CPM

Prevedere uniquely enhances any existing technology and business intelligence tools and resources that you have in place by aiding data discovery and correlation with our powerful store of global economic data. Prevedere can stand alone as a primary predictive analytics solution or it can integrate seamlessly with your established software and processes.

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