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Join us at SHOPTALK 2019

Learn how Prevedere and Microsoft empower our clients using AI, global data, and automated predictive analytics at SHOPTALK 2019.

Prevedere is a proud sponsor of SHOPTALK 2019

Prevedere is a proud sponsor with Microsoft at ShopTalk 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Join us at the Microsoft booth, where Prevedere will be co-presenting with Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Customer Journey Experience. We will be discussing how Prevedere’s ERIN Predictive Analytics Cloud solution has teamed up with Microsoft AI to discover macroeconomic trends that can impact future product or category demand.  Discover how the ERIN cloud integrates with PowerBI, Microsoft Dynamics, and Office365.

For more information, fill out the form to schedule a personalized 10-minute demo at the booth. Your form entry will also qualify your organization for a chance to win $25K towards Prevedere POV offer! You can also notify us here to set up a meeting in the Microsoft booth.

Prevedere’s Predictive Analytics Solution provides business leaders with predictive models of future business performance. By rapidly analyzing internal and global data, Prevedere identifies the best leading indicators of performance, delivering predictive insights into existing BI platforms.

$25K (POV) Proof of Value

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More about Prevedere

Rich Wagner, CEO and President of Prevedere, and Chris Deringer, National Industry Director, Retail and CPG of Microsoft discuss how the future of BI will rely on accurately predictive future consumer behavior.
2018 Holiday Retail Season
Prevedere, Microsoft, and Dr. Barry Keating, professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame launched a report discussing how predictive capability will be the natural evolution of business intelligence. Click here to download the report.
Prevedere is live on the Microsoft AppSource site. The site offers the ability to sign up for a free demo and also contains additional videos for Prevedere’s Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing (a Microsoft Preferred Solution) and Demand Planning for Retail/CPG.

“Unexpected changes in capital markets and economic conditions”

The most frequently cited risk factor found in SEC filings of major U.S. companies. The Prevedere’s ERIN Engine brings visibility to external risk with enough lead time for business leaders to make better decisions.