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Prevedere is now a Nielsen Connected Partner

Answer the Tough Questions of Consumer Behavior

Prevedere offers the latest in predictive analytics. By integrating Nielsen data, you can discover the external leading indicators that truly drive consumer demand and build highly accurate sales forecasts. With Prevedere and Nielsen, you even can predict your products’ market share by category and region.

Nielsen + Prevedere in action

Hershey, RIS and Prevedere – Top 5 Ways to Predict Consumer Behavior

View this webinar to learn how The Hershey Company uses Prevedere that incorporate millions of internal and external data points to understand what truly drives their consumers’ behavior.

Moderated by Joe Skorupa, Editorial Director, RIS News, panelists include:

  • Amit Philip, VP of Insights and Analytics, The Hershey Company
  • Derek Smith, VP Services, Prevedere
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Learn more about our partnerships

Prevedere has partnered with Nielsen to combine best-in-class consumer purchase data with advanced predictive analytics. Customers of Nielsen can now access their data within Prevedere’s business performance forecasting solution. Click here to download our overview.



Enhance demand forecast accuracy with real-time global data.

Economic Benchmarking

Our advanced economic and modeling engine allows companies to determine how store sales would be effected by external factors (economic, environmental or consumer behavior) without the influence of promotions or pricing changes. This will give your team a solid baseline to assess marketing effectiveness.

What-If Simulator

After creating a forecast using the most predictive external factors, Prevedere allows you to test various scenarios before committing to any plan. Changes in pricing, distribution of product, entering/exiting a market, even staffing changes can all be included to see how your sales forecast changes.

Predictive Heat Map

In one powerful graphic, you can easily see which markets are forecast will exceed targets and which markets will face challenges. By leveraging microeconomic data sets from thousands of sources, you can develop forecast models for all of your retail locations. Armed with this information, you can focus on the areas that need the most help.

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