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How Microsoft Power BI Users Benefit from Real-Time Data

Many demand planners and data scientists are using Microsoft Power BI to create models for future performance based on real-time global data. Recently, Prevedere CEO Rich Wagner spoke at Microsoft’s Ignite conference to discuss how global data is enhancing the predictive capabilities of Power BI, Dynamics and Office365.

No matter whether your business performance was positive or negative last quarter, higher or lower than expected, smart executives aim to clearly understand what happened in the past to make predictions for the future. But all too often, their understandings are based on minimal data and gut feelings. Instead, executives need a wider variety of perspectives and good data to maintain accuracy.

The advancement in Prevedere’s automated predictive modeling capabilities enables Microsoft users to create custom reports leveraging external insights with greater functionality. Prevedere uses advanced machine learning algorithms to review millions of external data sources to find leading indicators for future business performance.

Imagine being able to use data like macroeconomic trends, consumer behavior, climate shifts, online sales, debit card transactions and more to predict performance for a specific industry, such as retail or food and beverage. Prevedere makes that possible and easier than ever with Power BI.

“Microsoft knows that the ability of a business to transform data into AI is the key to smart decisions and future success,” said Leo de Luna, managing director, Microsoft Ventures, an investor in Prevedere. “Having ERIN on the Microsoft Azure platform, as well as leveraging Prevedere as a Microsoft Certified Solution, enables our mutual customers to harness the power of the cloud to obtain an intelligent and in-depth view of their company’s future.”

Microsoft Power BI Real-Time Global Data

Power BIRecently, Prevedere announced its customers using Power BI can now access Prevedere’s global data cloud with over 2.5 million data series, as well as predictive models of their own businesses (e.g., future sales, profit, product demand, etc.), to generate advanced custom reports within the insights tool.

Now Power BI empowers users to have instant access to a large global data repository along with proven industry-specific leading indicators, as identified by ERIN Prevedere’s analytics engine.

Using Power BI, these insights can be used to make models that are specific down to the state, city and even zip code level. Users can compare models using company historical data and manipulate variables to consider what-if scenarios for a range of industries like travel and manufacturing.

This expanded integration builds on Prevedere’s Power BI content packs, which have been available since 2016 to help users visualize global economic conditions, weather patterns, and market information.

For an in-depth view of Prevedere’s integration with Microsoft Power BI, contact us today.



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