Predictive Marketing Analytics

Optimize your marketing spend using predictive analytics. Use relevant real-time economic and consumer behavior indicators to grow your business.

Stop wasting money on ineffective marketing because you are not using relevant predictive analytics.

Last year you ran an ad campaign and sales increased. You run the same campaign this year, expecting similar results, but sales slumped. What happened?  Prevedere can help you find answers. We provide a holistic picture of your business by automatically combining your internal marketing and sales dashboard data with real-time global economic data and consumer behavior trends. Now, you can tell when sales will spike on their own and when to launch campaigns because you are using quality relevant predictive analytics.

Plan your marketing with unprecedented insight.

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Economic Benchmarking

Our advanced economic and modeling engine allows companies to determine how sales performance would be effected by external factors (economic, environmental or consumer behavior) without the influence of advertising spend or pricing changes. This will give your team a solid baseline to assess marketing effectiveness.

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Campaign Impact Validation

Determine if boosts in sales were truly the result of marketing campaigns vs merely changes in economic conditions or consumer sentiment. We use the latest in machine learning and predictive analysis to correlate marketing spend, external conditions, and the resultant performance allowing you to assess which campaigns truly moved the needle.

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Future Campaign Simulator

When creating a marketing strategy for this year or next, use our Campaign Simulator to understand the expected future outcome of advertising campaigns. With the power of Prevedere’s cloud computing platform, you can create various scenarios that forecast the outcome of campaign timing, size of spend, regionalization, or pricing changes.

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Schedule and Allocation Optimizer

Are you spending your marketing dollars in the best media channels in best time of the year? With our vast data store of thousands of media performance metrics and customer behavior leading indicators, we can help optimize scheduling and media channel selection to deliver the most impact on sales.

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Learn how RaceTrac dramatically improves forecasts on guest count, margins, and labor expenses using Prevedere’s solution. Watch Video >> 

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