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CPG Business Performance Forecasting Thank You2018-06-22T00:24:50+00:00

CPG Business Performance Forecasting

Learn how CPG companies can predict consumer behavior.

Webinar Discussion Overview

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Prevedere and Consumer Goods Technology hosts a discussion around best practices in leveraging predictive analytics and big data to optimize business performance forecasting and planning.

Gartner’s Doug Laney, VP & Distinguished Analyst, Data, and Analytics Strategy will share best practices to modernize business performance forecasting processes with new technology and global data.

While marketing, promotions, and merchandising can affect future sales, consumer behavior is also driven by factors such as wages, cost of fuel, consumer sentiment, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Common gaps in the current business performance forecasting and planning process
  • How to identify the data that actually matters to your business
  • The role of economic factors in forecast accuracy


  • Rich Wagner, CEO, and Founder of Prevedere
  • Doug Laney, VP & Distinguished Analyst, Data, and Analytics Strategy of Gartner

Available Download

Click to download the Prevedere’s CPG Playbook:
5 Steps to Predict Consumer Behavior with Syndicated Data