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Webinar: Interview with BMW CEO

In this webinar, Ed Robinson, former CEO of BMW Financial Services, shares his leadership experience that will shed light on these findings. He will also provide key takeaways for executives and board members to help think beyond the four walls of their organization.


How do CPG companies stay ahead of disruption?

CPG companies are facing more competition than ever before. Online-only or subscription based entrants are taking market share from more established brands. In this webinar, Lauren Fernandes, Manager, Strategy & Analytics of Nielsen and Andrew Duguay, Sr. Economist of Prevedere will provide insights on how CPG companies can stay ahead of disruption and reclaim market share.


Retail Holiday Outlook for 2018

In this webinar, Andrew Duguay, senior economist & data scientist at Prevedere, and Marie Driscoll, Founder, Chief Analyst and CEO of Driscoll Advisors, will discuss the midsummer inflection point and accompanying indicators that will be key to predicting the degree of this holiday season’s robustness.


The Influence of AI on the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is evolving rapidly as new technologies such as A.I. and predictive analytics become more mainstream. Ankur Raniwala, of ‎Farmers Insurance, discusses his thoughts on how A.I. is influencing how insurance leaders can better serve their customers.


The Impact of Wage and Income on CPG Sales

CPG companies are experiencing significant disruption in their industry. Andrew Duguay discusses how certain external factors such as income and wages can play a role in how often a consumer buys a product, how much they buy, or if they switch to less expensive alternatives.


Host Analytics Gets Predictive

Prevedere and Host Analytics have recently partnered to create the Host Analytics Forecast Validation Solution, powered by Prevedere. Watch this webinar to learn how this solution can help deliver forecast accuracy directly into your business planning processes.