Audio: The Value of Economic intelligence – Finance Strategy & Leadership

In supporting the organization in forward-looking market conditions, finance is challenged to take advantage of strategic insights that can be derived from an ever-increasing array of data, both internal and external to the company. Doug Garis, former Division CFO at Masonite International, discusses how his organization is operationalizing economic intelligence to achieve greater confidence in business planning, reduced operating costs, and improved credibility with investors.


Webinar Series: Planning & Forecasting Excellence Webinar Series 1

Prevedere is pleased to have joined Deloitte for its Planning & Forecasting Excellence Webinar series, which introduced how technology and data can improve the way we plan, budget and forecast. In Part 1, Rich Wagner, Prevedere CEO, shared how to unleash the potential of available big data to base decisions on intelligent and realistic insights. Learn how to unleash the power of big data to inform strategic decisions for your businesses.


Webinar: Economic Outlook and the Coronavirus – Update

At a high-level, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic is shifting rapidly from what initially looked like a temporary supply chain interruption coming out of China, which in itself is big news. The scope, however, is broadening to encompass a wider global net with far-reaching market disruption. Those market disruptions are crossing more and more industry sectors. Find out the leading macro indicators to watch.


CFO Live with Rich Wagner

In today’s volatile business environment, staying ahead of economic headwinds and tailwinds has measurable bottom-line impact. How can companies accomplish this? They can stay ahead of these changes by leveraging economic intelligence, a business-critical competency made increasingly relevant today by advances in AI, cloud computing, and the proliferation of economic and other market data. For CFOs, building an economically intelligent enterprise is an opportunity to drive superior financial performance, mitigate risk of market changes, and be a strategic growth partner to the business.


2020 Global Economic Outlook Webinar

What does global macroeconomic data tell us about the market? Which indicators can companies monitor to be better prepared heading into the new year? Trade wars, Brexit, tariffs, and foreign economy contraction are all issues causing concern regarding the current state of the global economy. This uncertainty is creating major challenges for companies in their planning processes for 2020. Watch this webinar as Michelle Green, Sr. Economist at Prevedere, details leading macro indicators that provide a story of how the 2020 global economic landscape is likely to unfold.


Webinar: Economic Outlook and 10 Trends for CPG

In this webinar, Riddhi Sheth, Director of Customer Success at Prevedere, provides a macroeconomic view of the consumer goods industry, with a special look at leading indicators to keep an eye on regarding the health of the industry. Also joining the webinar is Marie Driscoll, Managing Director at Coresight Research, who will highlight ten trends reshaping the market. CPG will likely undergo an array of changes, including the rise of male beauty, the use of direct-to-consumer sales channels, and the introduction of lifestyle apparel and accessories brands. Executive insights such as these are a critical input in the 2020 planning process.


Webinar: 2020 US Economic Outlook

Heading into 2020, there are obvious areas of concern for the health of the US & global economy, creating major challenges for companies currently in their annual planning process. Trade wars, volatile oil prices, geopolitical uncertainty, and foreign economy contraction are all signals causing concern over if the current pace of economic growth is sustainable. However, there are some stronger signals in the US right now coming from the consumer.


Webinar: Beyond the Factory Floor with TimkenSteel

In this webinar, Bob Vandervaart from TimkenSteel joins us to discuss how to truly maximize the depth and accuracy of insights into what drives your business by incorporating external factors, such as industry data, economic data, survey data, etc., into your business planning processes. This approach, for example, enables companies to gain better insight into their supply chains, plan better for market disruptions, and know where to best invest marketing dollars. We will also share examples of how companies are using predictive analytics to drive economic intelligence for their business and how these insights can be operationalized throughout different departments of an organization.


On-Demand Webinar: The Predictive Enterprise

The role of the Chief Finance Officer is evolving as fast as the world is changing. The CFO that has visibility to performance risks ahead of the competition gains a competitive advantage. During this webinar, Andrew Duguay, Chief Economist of Prevedere, will present the value in identifying key leading indicators that provide an on-demand view of future performance and improve the ability to address risks and new opportunities.


Webinar 2019 Executive Survey

By partnering with Prevedere, Microsoft offers business leaders a clear, concise and ROI-driven “first step” on the Digital Transformation Roadmap: Turning data into forward-looking insights. How does a retail CEO make their company more data-driven while ensuring the existing business runs smoothly? In this webinar, we talk to Shish Shridhar, Worldwide Director, Retail Business Strategy at Microsoft. We will discuss why retail CEOs should focus on turning data into forward-looking insights and begin the first-step towards Digital Transformation.  


Webinar: A Clearer View of Future Demand

Technologies such as machine learning and cloud-computing provide the ability to incorporate external data to understand changes in consumer behavior, demographics, and economic headwinds that will affect performance. In this webinar, we will discuss how these new technologies are used to dramatically improve category demand planning.


Webinar: Interview with BMW CEO

In this webinar, Ed Robinson, former CEO of BMW Financial Services, shares his leadership experience that will shed light on these findings. He will also provide key takeaways for executives and board members to help think beyond the four walls of their organization.