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Reports and Downloads

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Consumer Goods Playbook

Free download - CPG Playbook Forecasting and Predictive AnalyticsWhile marketing, promotions, and merchandising can affect future sales, consumer behavior is also driven by factors such as wages, cost of fuel, consumer sentiment, and many more. This illustrated playbook describes the 5 critical steps to incorporate the latest in predictive analytics and syndicated data to predict consumer purchase behavior with remarkable accuracy



Retail Playbook

Retail EbookRetailers often jump on the “Big Data” bandwagon without fully evaluating their overall analytics strategy. This illustrated playbook describes the 5 steps that retailers can take to turn big data into better decisions retail sales demand forecasting – from focusing on decisions to implementing the right technology solutions.



Manufacturing Playbook

5 steps to improve demand planning with global data and artificial intelligence
This illustrated Manufacturing Playbook describes the 5-steps that manufacturers can take to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and cloud-based analytics to dramatically improve demand planning accuracy.


CFO Playbook

CFO EbookCFOs and finance teams are facing challenges and change such as a volatile global economy, an evolving talent pool, rapid technological advances, and fierce competition. This playbook describes the 5 critical steps to help CFOs thrive, from assessing the current state to leveraging the right technology solutions.



White Papers

REPORT: The Predictive CFO

The role of the Chief Finance Officer is evolving as fast as the world is changing. A CFO with external predictive insights can better inform shareholders and board members and can assure them of bold strategic moves designed to benefit long-term profitability vs short-term gains. The “Predictive CFO” can evolve an enterprise to thrive amidst rapid advances in technology, economic volatility, and changing consumer behavior.



REPORT: The Evolution of Business Intelligence Report

A report from Prevedere in partnership with Microsoft and Dr. Barry Keating of Notre Dame.
The Evolution of Business Intelligence Report: Between 70% to 80% of corporate business intelligence projects fail to deliver the insights the business needs, according to research by analyst firm Gartner. Download the report to find out the 3 reasons why BI project fail to deliver.



SURVEY: Bridging the Data Divide

The findings of this survey show that a majority of analytics teams feel they have the necessary data and insights to make critical decisions. But when asked if they have the right resources to address the strategic issues facing their company, their responses were very different. There appears to be a gap between the insights that can be achieved vs. the insights that need to be achieved.


REPORT: The State of the U.S. Economy for 2019

While the outlook looks positive moving into 2019 for both the consumer and business-to-business sectors of the economy, global headwinds and fears of an overstimulated economy should not be overlooked.

Download this report to see the three potential scenarios for 2019.



Using Exogenous Data to Increase Return on Equity and Assets

Knowing the future is mission critical and this is only accomplished by looking outside your 4 walls for external drivers of performance. This whitepaper provides insight on the value of external data across 5 key areas of any business.



The Evolution of Consumer Goods Forecasting

A joint report from Nielsen and Prevedere on the latest techniques to predict category demand and consumer behavior

Nielsen and Prevedere have developed the following report to help FMCG companies truly understand future demand by gaining a holistic view of what drives consumer behavior.


Leveraging External Data to Know When Best to Enter (and Exit) a Market

resource_thumbnail-makingbettermarketdecisions3Many businesses operate globally, but deciding whether to enter or exit a market can be very complicated. This white paper will discuss how macro and micro-economic data of a market can bring critical insight on what to do next.



Maximizing Shareholder Value with External Data Analytics

This whitepaper describes the symptoms and problems companies experience if they are not leveraging external data effectively and the resulting impact to the bottom line. Next, it covers the correct procedures to effectively identify and verify external leading drivers of business performance.



Big Data is No Small Decision

When it comes to Big Data, it is easy to get overwhelmed and hard to identify where to start. To gain support of key leaders and ensure a successful Big Data project you need to identify the most important information decision makers will want to analyze. Learn how including external drivers are the most important predictor of business performance.



The Ultimate Retail Bargain

The seasonal swings in the retail industry make reading and analyzing data more difficult. This whitepaper guides retailers through the three steps to successfully chart and analyze leading economic indicators without diluting their data by seasonally adjusting.



Case Studies

Racetrac Petroleum

resource_thumbnail-casestudy_racetracRacetrac Petroleum operates over 650 gas stations and convenience stores in the Southern United States. After working with Prevedere, Racetrac was able to dramatically improve demand forecasts for many products sold at their stores. By including regional economic data, Racetrac was able to save millions in overstock charge-offs.



Advanced Drainage Systems

In this whitepaper Mike Higgins, Sales and Marketing Manager from Advanced Drainage Systems, describes the value in adding Prevedere to the sales forecast process to open communication and remove bias.