The ERIN Engine

ERIN External Real-Time InsightsErin, External Real-time Insights Engine that monitors the world for future risks and opportunities to business performance

Traditional BI reports on the past. What watches your company’s future?
ERIN, External Real-time Insights is the first analysis engine that intelligently monitors external economic and consumer activity and notifies business leaders of future impact on performance.

ERIN External Real-Time Insights ForecastingThe ERIN Engine identifies the unique set of external leading indicators specific to an industry or company. By mapping this “domino effect,” Prevedere helps companies accurately model future performance.

The Prevedere ERIN Engine helps business leaders:

ERIN - Real Time Insights

Erin, validates current plans and strategies with up-to-date industry and geography-specific economic insights.

ERIN - External Real-Time Insights

Discover the hidden drivers of business performance to better explain past and present wins and misses.

Real-Time Insights

Gain a holistic view of consumer behavior to accurately determine when, where, and what consumers will buy.

External Real-Time Insights Engine

Maximize ROI on capital and operational expenditures by knowing demand months ahead of the competition.

“Unexpected changes in capital markets and economic conditions”

The most frequently cited risk factor found in SEC filings of major U.S. companies. The ERIN Engine brings visibility to external risk with enough lead time for business leaders to make better decisions.

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“Microsoft knows that the ability of a business to transform data into AI is the key to smart decisions and future success. Having ERIN on the Microsoft Azure platform, as well as leveraging Prevedere as a Microsoft Certified Solution, enables our mutual customers to harness the power of the cloud to obtain an intelligent and in-depth view of their company’s future“.

Leo De Luna
Managing Director
Microsoft Ventures

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