Financial Forecasting Intelligence

Demand better accuracy from your corporate financial forecasts by rapidly analyzing global economic data.

Are you forecasting in the dark or forecasting with facts?

Creating reports of internal metrics is easy. But what about the hundreds of external factors that impact your business. But it’s impossible to forecast the entire global economy in real-time, right? With Prevedere, you can. We collect millions of global sets, update them daily, and ensure they’re “model-ready”. We can help you quickly find the hidden leading drivers of your company’s revenue or profit. Reduce forecast error by 50% or more and reduce the reporting and planning process time by 70%.

Create data-driven forecasts in minutes.

Correlation Engine

Prevedere’s Correlation Engine determines the best leading indicators to use by rapidly analyzes millions of external data sets with any of your internal metrics. Using powerful machine learning and cloud computing, you can determine the lead time and predictive confidence and create models in minutes rather than days.

Economic Risk Report

For financial forecasts, having a clear understanding of internal and external threats to your business is critical. With Economic Risk Reports, you can easily understand the when economic factors will put upward or downward pressure on revenue, profit, or market share compared to your target objectives.

Global Data Alerts

With an ever-changing global economy, you can setup Economic Alerts that send you an email when any external data set or forecast drastically changes. By staying on top of changes to any leading indicators, you can modify your plans to address economic uncertainty with sufficient time.

Hyperion/SAP integrations

While Prevedere offers a web-based solution, we can easily integrate into your existing S&OP platform such as Hyperion or SAP BPC.  We even have a plugin for Microsoft Excel and Office365 to download any data set or forecast model directly into your spreadsheets for further analysis.

How would this work in the real world?

On April 20, 2016, Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Prevedere, brought together leading CFOs and finance executives leaders in a discussion-based format to explore best practices in determining how external economic factors affect business performance, the true cost of inaccurate forecasting, and how to make fact-based decisions by leveraging existing big data investments.


  • Leveraging Data to Make Sense of an Uncertain Economy


  • Alan Rouse – Mars (Moderator)
  • Javier Alarcon – ConAgra Foods
  • Cathy Hauslein – Mattress Firm
  • Chi Miller – Intel Corporation
  • Derek Smith – Prevedere

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What’s next?

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